Forty days and forty nights
You were the drug that kept me alive
During weary times

Seem so pure when wearing white
Within such a frail and immaculate mind
With those innocent eyes

You were young and full of life/
You asked me to swear and in me you confided
Underneath the stars

I should care to you let you fly
A chance to retrieve what was left behind
To experience life

Staring at the sky
Staring at the sun
Waiting for a wonder
Within a forsaken land

The sparrow in my hand
Now buried in the sand
Leaving you depending
Leaving me with open veins

Can’t make you wait no more
Can’t make you wait no more
Where it’s hard to breathe
Everything’s blackening,

I am made of flesh and bone
Blood, sweat and tears are all you ever will find
Underneath the skin

You’re a feather I’m a stone
Falling from the depths into the grave
Where I’m destined to dwell

And we reach for mystery
In the age of reason
Every path we take
We’re wandering in blindness
In the end nothing is
Glorious or honourable
While we drown in doubt
We’re drifting like strangers